The method

The father of modern medicine Hippocrates, states: “All disease starts in the gut.” And today you can certainly say: “Health begins in the intestine”. Today it is no secret that your body is inhabited by many microorganisms, which outnumber the cells in your body 10 to 1 and most of these microorganisms inhabit the human digestive tract. This is a complex internal ecosystem, called microbiome, which has its own gene pool, which is 360 times larger than the human gene pool. This is a real factory that helps digest food, synthesize vitamins and enzymes. 80% of the immune system is located in the gut.
The results of the most advanced medical research indicate that the microbiome is a large organ and as important as the heart, liver, lungs and brain.

The microbiome is the key factor in human health, determining whether you live to a very old age in great health and vitality or not.
It is the imbalance of the intestinal microbiome that can  provoke headaches, allergies, anxiety, foggy brain, irritation, weight gain and other serious diseases.
The main factor leading to microbiome changes and affecting health is the food we eat. And if our body is unable to digest and absorb this food, it leads to inflammation, weight gain and degenerative diseases.
Therefore with the correction of the diet tested specifically for you, we will be able to restore your healthy intestinal microflora and restore your health.

Once we have started to introduce your microbiome the right food you`ll get more energy, correct your weight and improve overall health and vitality.